– The TG500 foam-cutter is designed to produce foam sticks of rectangular shape. Since the operating principle is based on cutting as opposed to shredding, the machine hardly generates any dust, thus improving the quality of the final product and eliminating the need for expensive dust-aspirator systems.

– The machine is available in two configurations. The basic TG500 module is suitable for processing pre-cut foam sheets of regular shape. The foam sticks obtained through this process are perfectly even in shape.

– By adding a supplementary module (TG500R version) the machine can also process foam pieces of irregular shape (i.e., production waste). Both modules can work with virtually any type of commercial soft-foams.

– The sticks have a standard width of 4mm. The length of the sticks can be adjusted between 8-25mm.

– All machine operations are controlled through a 10” touchscreen that gives an immediate and clear overview of the machine’s status.

– Transport of the foam sticks at the exit of the machine to a silo, blender or bag-filling installation, is handled by a powerful ASR3 blower.

– The simple and robust construction reduces maintenance to a minimum, while ensuring long and perfect operation.

– The production capacity of the machine can reach up to 500 kg/h. The TG500R module can handle pieces with a maximum cross-section of 55×20 cm. Total power absorption of both modules stands at 27 kw/h. The TG500 module can also process pieces of irregular size, provided that they are not thicker than 7cm.

The machine is built according to the requirements of the European Directives 2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC and subsequent amendments and duly bears the CE mark.FO


2 YEARS (electrical parts are excluded from the warranty)

Compressed air
Nominal power
Power supply
1270 (1780 - TG500R) kg
up to 500 kg/h
6 Bar
3 engines for 20 kW (4 engines for 27 kW - TG500R)
Three-phase – 380/480V – 50/60Hz

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