Machinery for processing natural and synthetic fibres since 1957.

We build machinery for processing natural and synthetic fibres since 1957.

Our wide range of machines covers virtually every step of the blending and filling process and meets the needs of small workshops and large industries alike.

More than 60 years of experience in developing and building machinery Made in Italy and the continuous cooperation with our valued customers, have made us to reach a high level of competence and knowledge, allowing us to find the optimum solution to every challenge related to filling materials.


The opening process increases the volume of natural and synthetic fibres. More volume means that less fibre is needed to fill a cushion, pillow or mattress. This process is important since it allows for significant cost savings and generally improves the quality of the finished product.

We manufacture bale breakers and machines for opening natural- and synthetic fibre. The CD-series is specifically built to open polyester fibre and features three different models with one-, two- or four opening stages. The CD400 has an opening rate of 99% and can process up to 450kg/h of standard polyester fibre <64mm.


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Different filling materials are often combined to give an upholstery cushion a specific property.  A properly blended filling helps to distribute the material evenly inside the cushion and greatly improves seating comfort and outer appearance 

Our M1 and M1-P blenders work fast and efficiently to prepare your ideal blend. For single-material fillings, the choice are our stainless-steel storage silos with a capacity of 3 or 4 cubic meters.

The newest addition to our range is the MS250, a machine for making polyester fibre-balls of adjustable size.


Small differences in single-compartment weight can quickly add up to a great discrepancy in the target weight of the cushion. With our weighing tables of different size, for small and large cushions, the operator can easily keep control of the filling process.

The SR5-HMI automatic weighing and dosing machine is specifically built to fill multi-chamber cushions with hence unknown precision and speed.


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This is the most important step during the production of an upholstery cushion. High filling speed and the correct type of filling tube are essential for stuffing the cushion quickly and properly. This is why our filling blowers have adjustable turbine speed and all our filling tubes are custom-made to your requirements.

We also offer a range of smaller apparel-filling blowers with high-speed aluminium turbines (up to 9000rpm) and customized filling tubes.


Foam- and textile waste are an inevitable result of upholstery- or mattress manufacturing. Why pay an economic and environmental price for disposal of these materials, when they can easily be reprocessed?
Textile scraps, polyester batting and cutting waste of polyurethane foam can be turned into new filling material when recycled with our foam- and fabric shredders and appropriately blended with virgin materials.


Our range of products also includes transport blowers, dust collectors and bag filling installations.
We offer advanced solutions for continuous blending, custom-designed automation for your specific needs and remote assistance on most of our machines.
All our machines can be connected to form a fully automated production line in accordance with the specifications of Industry 4.0.