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We are an Italian company, specialised since 1957 in the production of fibre opening-, blending- and filling equipment for the upholstery and bedding industry.

Our solutions, from stand-alone machines to complete production lines, are characterized by efficiency, reliability and high operational performance. A significant result, achieved by keeping faith with the original philosophy on which the company was built in the 1950’s: to give priority to the customer’s needs, always.

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Our mission is as simple as it is profound: we work to offer the best solutions for the processing of upholstery materials.
Thanks to our experience, we are able to satisfy the needs of all customers, from a small workshop to an industrial production.
Technological innovation, modular layouts and a pragmatic approach: three pillars that have enabled us
to achieve a leading position in the industry worldwide.


The first machine built by Quinto Gerussi gave birth to our entrepreneurial philosophy. We produce technology, not machines. We sell solutions, not products. We offer competent advice. A method which, since 1957, has enabled us to satisfy hundreds of customers.

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100% Made in Gerussi

All stages of production, from design to assembly, take place our factory in Spilimbergo. This approach, combined with the constant optimisation and monitoring of our production processes, allows us to be fast and punctual in our deliveries.

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