Padded cushions Gerussi

Pillows and cushions

From manual filling machines to the complete systems with automatic weighing and dosing.
Relying on GERUSSI means getting the best solutions for all stages of production.


A comprehensive offer for your filling materials, consisting of high-performing-, efficient- and reliable machines.
GERUSSI is guaranteed to be the right partner when it comes to fibre opening-, blending, recycling, or weighing automation.

Soft toys

Our product range contains several solutions dedicated to the production of soft toys. We satisfy the needs of small workshops as well as the requirements the main players in the toy industry.

Custom-made solutions

Our experts are always there for you, whether it’s to improve your production process, scale up an existing plant or design a new one.
Through our pragmatic hands-on approach, the customer always gets the best solution. One that is tailored to his specific needs.

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