Aprifibra CD-400 Gerussi

Bale- and fibre opening

Our range of extremely compact and efficient bale breakers and fibre openers includes solutions suitable for workshops with limited space as well as for large scale installations.

The absolutely unique fibre openers of our CD series offer excellent performance in terms of opening rate and volume (up to 450kg/h).

Sfilacciatrice di scarti tessili SF2CA Gerussi


Avoiding the waste of resources is not a fashion, but a necessity. Our recycling solutions include foam- and fabric shredders which, like the rest of the range, meet the highest engineering and manufacturing standards.

Versatility, ease of use and minimal maintenance make these machines the ideal tool for processing foam-, textile- and wadding waste.

Riempitrice R-3PV2 Gerussi

Cushion filling and -lining

Filling speed is the key to maximising the output of a production line. This is why the turbine-speed of our filling machines can be adjusted and the filling nozzle is always made to customer specifications. These features apply to all our filling machines.

Our solutions cover all filling requirements, since we also build specific machinery for lining cushions without effort.

Riempitrice completa SR5HMI Gerussi

Weighing and dosing

With the SR5-HMI it is possible to program and automate the dosing of various sequences of predefined weights. A solution which, thanks to a sophisticated weight-correction system, eliminates combined weighing error. The result? Accurate weights, every time. For weight control in manual filling systems, our TP1 and TP2N weighing tables are the ideal choice.

Mescolatore per materiali da imbottitura M1P Gerussi

Blending, storing and ballfibre-production

Proper blending of filling materials is crucial for both comfort and aesthetics of the final product.
A delicate operation, which is handled quickly by our blender; less than a minute, without the slightest deterioration of the fibres.
For material storage, the SR4S silo is the ideal solution. It reduces electrostatic charge to an absolute minimum thanks to its stainless-steel construction.

The material processing phase is equally important. This is where our ballfibre machine comes into play. The machine works in a continuous cycle and can be fed with synthetic or natural fibres alike.

console-pannello-gestione gerussi

Process automation, material handling and -filtering

In order to cover the entire production cycle, we have developed a specific range of machines and accessories. These solutions include systems dedicated to complementary stages of production, such as conveying and filtering.

In addition, in order to meet the new requirements of Industry 4.0, our company offers the possibility to integrate the most advanced technologies, both in the field of automation and remote control of production plants.