Project Description

TP 1 – Weighing table

The TP1 is a weighing table which is ideally used in combination with the R3-P/PV filling machine.

The weighing takes place on an aluminium tabletop measuring 600x400mm, which is mounted on a load cell. This top can be moved both horizontally (up to 400 mm) and vertically (up to 150 mm) in order to adapt it to the type of article which needs to be weighed.

The vertical movement is done by 3 electric actuators and controlled through push-buttons.

The weight is displayed on a screen and can be visualized in steps of 2,5g or 10g.

The table also has a tray for collecting excess filling material. This material can be blown back into the storage container (SR3-S silo or M1 blender) through an optional aspirator fan without being wasted or contaminated. This feature also helps to keep the work area clean.

Power is supplied directly from the R 3P filling machine (or R3 PV)

The machine is built according to the requirements of the European Directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 2006/95/CE and subsequent amendments. The machine duly bears the CE marking.

Technical data

Width: 85cm
Length: 100-140cm (depending on the position of the tabletop)
Height: 97cm
Weight: 50kg
Power absorption: 0,15kW

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