Project Description

IC 1 – Lining machine

This machine is used for encasing cushions and can work with any kind of core filling (feather, down, polyester fibre, shredded foam etc.)

The cushion is compressed down to a (theoretical) width of 18cm by two conveyor belts mounted on pneumatic pistons, which permits the use of 20cm zippers on the cushion case.

The maximum distance between the belt conveyors is 123cm which allows for the handling of for large sized cushions (up to 120 cm wide).

The width-adjustment between the belt conveyors is seamless (min. 18cm / max. 98cm) and not in steps. This makes the machine particularly versatile. The measurement can be verified on a display in steps of 1mm.

The machine can work both in automatic mode (controlled by photocells) and in manual mode (with 2-hand controls).

The whole cycle is controlled by a PLC, making the process completely automatic.

The electrical system is equipped with a disconnector switch, motor protections, PLC, safety switches and low voltage controls.

The machine is built according to the requirements of the European Directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 2006/95/CE and subsequent amendments. The machine duly bears the CE marking.

Technical data

Width: 224cm
Length: 106cm
Height: 145cm
Weight: 500kg
Air consumption: approximately 150 nL/min per cycle
Motors: 2 three-phase motors with a total absorption of 0,75kW

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