Project Description

CP1N – Feather bale breaker and -dispenser

The CP1-N is designed as a bale breaker for compressed feather bales, but it can be loaded with loose feathers and work as a dispenser for downstream filling- or blending machinery.
The horizontal belt-conveyor, which can carry up to 200kg of material, moves the feathers towards a fragmentation rotor where the lumps of are broken up to create a homogeneous filling.
The feathers are then extracted by an (optional) transport fan and sent to the next processing step (i.e. our M1-P blender).
The speed of the belt-conveyor and the fragmentation rotor are adjustable through inverters in order to dose the correct quantity of feather.
The CP1-N feather dispenser can be interfaced with other machines and therefore activated and stopped by downstream equipment (i.e. when the M1-P blender has reached a pre-set weight).
Electrical system equipped with a disconnector switch, motor protections, safety limiter switch and low voltage controls.

The machine is built according to the requirements of the European Directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE e 2006/95/CE and subsequent amendments. The machine duly bears the CE Marking.

Technical data

Hourly capacity: up to 600 kg/h
Power absorption: 2 motors – 3,75kW total – two inverters
Power Supply: three-phase 380-480 V – 50/60 Hz
Width: 155cm
Length: 317cm
Height: 195cm
Weight: 920kg
Optional: can be positioned on loadcells to interface with downstream equipment

LIMITED WARRANTY: 2 YEARS (electrical parts are excluded from the warranty)
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