Quinto Gerussi builds his first machine in his workshop in Spilimbergo. It is the model A57, a machine to unplait horsehair. Soon after he will start building the first carding machines for short-staple wool.


The company outgrows the premises in Spilimbergo and moves to nearby Cisterna del Friuli. The first foam shredders and carding machines for long-staple wool are built.


Quinto’s son Alido Gerussi takes charge of the company and transfers it to new premises in Turrida di Sedegliano. The product range grows and now also includes fabric shredders and filling blowers.


The company moves back to Spilimbergo into a newly built factory building, where it still resides today.


The first fine-openers for polyester fibre are being built. In the following years the SR1, an automatic weighing and filling machine, is presented to the market.


The new SR 3C is introduced. This automatic weighing and filling machine can memorize 416 cushions with up to 4 compartments each. Weighing and dosing takes place continuously.


Alda and Alessio, Quinto Gerussi’s grandchildren, take over the reins of the company.


The range of machines grows again and now counts 18 models.


The company now occupies 3.000 m² of covered floorspace, divided between the steelworking-, assembly and testing department. The range of manufactured machines covers every aspect of cushion filling, be it with a single filling material or with a blended filling. Starting from our bale breakers right up to the new SR5-HMI automatic weighing and filling machine, our product range allows to process every type of virgin or recycled filling material.